Our coaches are USAW certified and have years of experience as coaches, athletes, and competitors. We believe that the club’s success is, in part, driven by the leadership in the room; we take considerable pride and care in our approach to coaching the athletes that walk in the door.


David Ethier

David Ethier grew up a multisport athlete, eventually settling into wrestling for his collegiate career. He later coached at the high school level while earning his postgrad degree. He began weightlifting in 2010 under coach Sauro Gardenal at the Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club in London, England. After three years, David moved to Providence, RI, and began coaching as well as competing. He has been the head coach of the Providence Barbell Club since 2014. He and his wife are transplants from Tennessee and have been in love with The Ocean State since their first day here.

BA & MA English

USAW Sports Performance Coach

USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach



Jarred Smith

Jarred began weightlifting while attending Physical Therapy school at the University of Rhode Island in 2013. He began competing in weightlifting at the end of PT school and joined the PBC shortly after. Prior to this he had been teaching Physical Education and Health as well as coaching Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field. Drawing from this background, Jarred began coaching at the PBC and applies principles from PT and Track & Field in order to facilitate individual progress for all members. 

BS Kinesiology

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

USAW Sports Performance Coach


Glen Lucero

Glen started his weightlifting career in 2017 while attending post grad school. Prior to this he had trained extensively in close quarters combat arts and achieved the level of instructor. Glen has trained as a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and a weightlifter throughout the last 13 years. In early 2018 Glen joined the Providence Barbell Club and decided to fully devote himself to the sport as an athlete and coach.

BA Philosophy

MS Cyber Security

USAW Sports Performance Coach