Strength and Conditiong

Whether you’re a complete beginner or professional athlete our Strength & Conditioning program is tailored towards your goals. This isn’t just a “work out”. This is training. Our intention isn’t just to make you sweat or feel exhausted. With long term development in mind – we treat this with a meticulous approach.

Training built
for you

We understand everyone has unique goals and movement. We train individuals of all ages and skill levels. We have a diverse group of clients: weekend warriors, weight loss and muscle gain, powerlifters, combat sports, track and field, endurance, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, bobsled, rowing, and many more.

How it works

Training sessions are semi-private. Multiple individuals train at once under the supervision of a coach. There is no scheduling or time limit to training. We know class schedules are hard to commit to. That’s why we have “coached hours”. Come in at your own convenience during these blocks and take as long as required to complete your lift.The Providence Barbell Club is a multipurpose training facility devoted to the sport of Olympic-style weightlifting and strength & conditioning.

What's included?

What's it cost?

Initial assessment


One time


2 training sessions per week


Charged monthly


3 training sessions per week


Charged monthly


Unlimited training sessions per week


Charged monthly

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