Whereas most of the work of the Providence Barbell Club takes place within our four walls, we do travel all over New England. If you’re a gym owner, head coach, or simply someone who would like to get a group together for a workshop, feel free to contact us about options.


Workshops for Athletes 

The PBC offers one- and two-day seminars focused on the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. These workshops are specifically aimed at beginner and intermediate level weightlifters looking to learn and improve their technique in the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk. Workshops are part lecture and mostly practical. Participants should expect to spend most of the day (or each day) working with a barbell.


Workshops for Coaches  

The PBC offers one-day seminars for individuals who are looking to improve their ability to coach others. These workshops are mostly geared toward CrossFit coaches who have a fundamental understanding of the competition lifts but aren’t yet comfortable making the “good” weightlifters in their gym “better.” The focus of these workshops is in spotting and being able to correct technical problems. Diagnosing an error is important, but knowing what drill or remedy is as imperative.