Providence Barbell Club
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The Providence Barbell Club is a full-service Olympic Weightlifting training facility. We offer all the instruction, equipment, coaching, and programming needed to develop in the sport. Feel free to stop by or contact us with any questions you may have. 



425 Washington St.
Providence, RI 02903



Monday - Thursday:

8am-1pm & 4pm - 9pm

F: 8am-1pm & 4pm - 7pm

Sat: 9am-2pm

Sun: 8am-10am


Listed are the general approaches to membership we have at the PBC. However, our goal is to help you develop as a weightlifter, so we endeavor to be as accommodating as possible to your schedule and needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Monthly membership is the core of the Providence Barbell Club. Regardless of experience level, members on the monthly plan can expect to have original, 4 day-per-week programming that follows a traditional, periodized approach. Concurrent with programming, members train under coach supervision during coached hours.

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Whether you’re visiting from out of town with your own programming or are a local who needs more help with the lifts, we welcome you.

Individual Programing

Programming for Olympic Weightlifting has become ubiquitous, and countless garden variety programs can be found online. These programs will vary in price, effectiveness, and experience of the author. There is nothing wrong with using an online program, especially for new and developing athletes. In fact, many suggest that a program is only as good as your belief in it. We agree. If you’re devoted to the program, you will see results; if not, you’ll collect evidence as to why it’s not the best program for you.

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